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Wedding Colours: Tips & Tricks to Get That Perfect Color Palette

Updated: 19 hours ago

Organizing your ideal wedding is thrilling and involves numerous decisions, with one of the most visually significant being the selection of your wedding color palette. Your chosen color palette plays a significant role in setting the ambiance for the entire celebration. So, here are some tips and tricks to assist you in choosing the ideal wedding color palette:

  • Breakdown Your Initial Style and Vision

Breakdown your visualization of the ambience and tone you desire for your wedding. Do you want to elevate a romantic, elegant, or other theme? Discuss this with your Wedding Planner to co-create the overall wedding concept which will drive the colours selected.

  • Explore & Collect Your Inspiration

You can refer to many inspirations of color palette that people use on Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. Collect all references in images or videos that inspire you and share them with your Wedding Planner to bounce off more ideas!

  • Pay attention to detail color in venue or locations

This tip may help you to find the perfect color palette based on the venue’s setting. If you haven't decided your wedding place, don’t worry! Wedding Planners are here to curate and recommend suitable venues for you, which can inspire your colour choices through its architectural elements and interior decor. 

  • Color Represents You Mood

Color is often associated with specific feelings because of its ability to express diverse emotions and atmospheres in it. For instance, yellow for joy and warmth or red for romance. Reflect on the emotions you wish and select some colors that can represent it during your wedding day.

  • Elaborate Main Colors

Refine your color options into 2 or 4 primary colors. After that, choose which one being a dominant primary color, secondary color and some accent colors to add contrast and dimension. 

  • Hire Professional Wedding Stylists

Consult and work closely with a professional wedding stylist. Wedding Stylists will help nail the look and feel you want for the day, including selecting the right colour shades for you! 

Enhance your wedding day with a creative colour pallete that can be consulted with our wedding stylist at Rose & Revel. Let's get in touch with us on Instagram @roseandrevelco or WhatsApp.


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