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Embrace Bold Hues and Vibrant Colours for Your Wedding Celebration

Updated: May 3

Although the neutral color scheme for weddings remains popular, don't be shy about adopting bold, vibrant colors and unconventional elements or colors! Incorporate these colours into your wedding with non-floral or playful decoration.

  • Colorful Backdrops and Arches

Introducing an unusual and interesting idea in the beginning. Personalise your backdrops and arches in different shapes and colors to add a distinctly contemporary touch to the ceremony. After all, there's no finer method to highlight your vows than with vibrant hues.

  • Frame in Balloon Installations 

Mix and Match different colors and sizes of balloon to create a unique spotlight in your wedding session. Don’t forget to ensure balloons you will use are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly or not, even though many companies have provided it.

  • Vibrant Tablescapes

Elevate your tablescapes by blending vibrant colors into your flower arrangements, and play on different textures through your cutlery and tableware. A richly vibrant arrangement of tablescapes will inevitably add energy to the space.

Enhance your wedding day with vibrant colors! Consult with our talented stylists for more creative ideas. Connect with us on Instagram @roseandrevelco or via WhatsApp.


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