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Games To Play During Your Wedding Reception

Want to add more excitement and interaction to your wedding reception?

These wedding games are designed to entertain and ensure your celebration is nothing short of unforgettable.

Mr And Mrs Shoe’s Game

You and your partner will sit in a chair facing away from each other and holding one of your shoes and your partner’s shoes. Raise the appropriate shoe to answer various questions by MC. This game will prompt laughter from your guests as they gain insights into your relationship dynamics.

Last Man Standing

An elimination game aimed at engaging all guests with various statements such as “sit down if you are wearing something green”. To play this game, all participants have to stand up, and the host reads out various statements they can relate to including serious, humorous statements. The winner is the last man standing! 

Newlywed Trivia Cards

Provide your guests with some cards including trivia questions about you and your partner in it. Throughout the event, guests can fill out their answers, and these can be read out by the MC during the wedding. The winner of this game is the person with the most number of correct answers.

Personalised Photo booth

Having a photo booth in your wedding is one of the solutions to make your guest enjoy the moment. You have option to create your own DIY backdrop with plenty of fun props or hire a professional stylist to create your wedding photo booth as you want.

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