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Make It Fun! Activities For Your Wedding Guests

Here are some unique wedding activities to enhance your reception and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Live Pasta Station

Offer your guests a nice twist in the food corner with a live pasta station. With the star chef attraction and option to customize their pasta with an array of fresh ingredients, toppings, and sauces, guests will undoubtedly be talking about this enjoyable experience for years to come after your wedding!

Live Wedding Painting

Feature a live painter in the middle of your wedding reception. Not only will this be mesmerizing to watch, but this will ultimately produce artful masterpieces for you and your guests to take home and cherish for a lifetime.

Sweets & Dessert Bar

Bring a slice of sweetness in a different way to your guests by letting them savour a fresh assortment of cake flavors and fillings baked from the oven. No one would reject a sweet dessert, especially when it’s a decadent display of what dreams are made of.

Personalised Photo Booth

Taking a picture with your beloved guests is a must to-do on your special day. So, make it simple but still special by capturing the excitement in one frame of a photo booth, and add more fun with some props for creative shots!

Interactive Audio Guest Book

An unique concept for your guests to express their best wishes and congratulatory words to you. From happy to heartfelt to hilarious, all expressions will be saved in the audio book for you to live and relive your wedding moments.

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