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Having A Wedding Planner Is A Time-Saver!

5 quick reasons why you should get a wedding planner, so you can free up time to enjoy the process of your wedding

Venue Selection

We'll help you do the liaison work and find the venue you need, so that you can simply pick the one you want. We will also ensure that that each venue is selected based on your requirements, understand the costs involved and secure the venue for your selected wedding date!


The earlier you hire your planner, the sooner we are able to set a clear outline of your budget and get the things you truly care about. We will help you strategise about how to achieve your dream wedding in a cost-efficient manner, as well as break down the different priorities to help you figure out what you would like to focus on in planning your wedding.

Goals and Vision

With our team's expert knowledge, we can create a clear vision from the get-go so as to avoid wasting time on concepts that are not aligned with your dream wedding. We will help you narrow down and define what exactly you want to see in your wedding, and how you would like that to be conveyed.

Your dream wedding does not need to be just a picture in your head — with a wedding planner, you can find the most efficient way to achieve exactly what you want!

Partners and Vendors

We know and have worked with many industry partners and vendors. As such, we are able to connect you to those that are most suitable for you, your vision, and your budget.

Recommendations provided are all teams who we trust and who will be able to provide quality services for your important day.

Tailored to You

We believe that it is most important for our Planning services to be tailored to you (our bride and groom) and what you want to see on your Big Day. There are many sources of inspirations for weddings these days, on Instagram, from your friends, on Pinterest and more — and we are fully aware of how that can be overwhelming.

We are here to champion and encourage you to build the wedding you want for yourself, free of external influences and pressures and external pressures, and to help make this a wedding that is truly for you.

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